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European court removes Sison from EU terrorist blacklist

Press release from the international DEFEND committee

The European Court of First Instance (ECFI) annulled yesterday all decisions and a regulation of the Council of the European Union (EU) that had maintained Prof Jose Maria Sison in its so-called terrorist blacklist.

The removal of the name of Prof Sison from the blacklist is the essence or main point of the ECFI judgment on Case T-341/07 of Prof Sison against the Council of EU. It directly unfreezes Sison’s funds in his small bank account and allows him to engage in financial dealings like any ordinary person.

To annul the acts of the Council in blacklisting Prof Sison and freezing his account, the ECFI ruled that the national decisions done in The Netherlands and relied upon by the Council did not relate to the instigation of investigations or prosecution or to a conviction for terrorist activity, contrary to the requirements of European Community Law.

Aside from unfreezing the funds of Prof Sison, the ECFI judgment opens the way for him to assert and enjoy all his rights that have been restricted or suppressed due to the false charge of terrorism.  He can benefit from the judgment in the following ways:

1. To claim back the social payments for living allowance, housing, health insurance and old age pension which have been withdrawn from him since 2002;

2. To seek gainful employment or render professional services with remuneration;

3. To secure legal admission as a refugee and a residence permit;

4. To travel freely without restrictions;

5. To be free from being labelled and stigmatized as a terrorist; and

6. To claim moral and material damages for what he has suffered since 2002.

The International DEFEND Committee is calling on all its adherents, supporters and friends to celebrate the legal victory of Prof Jose Maria Sison in the European Court and at the same time to become more determined than ever before in demanding that the Dutch government and Council of the EU change their hostile policy towards him.
The Dutch government and the Council of the EU must   cease and desist from being the vehicles of false charges and tools of persecution of the US and Philippine governments against Prof. Jose Maria Sison.  He must be  allowed and encouraged to act freely and fruitfully  as the chief political consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines in peace negotiations with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines.

For reference please contact:
Ruth de Leon
International Coordinator-Committee DEFEND
Telephone:  00-31-30-8895306
Email: defenddemrights@yahoo.com

Call for action in solidarity with NKPJ and SKOJ

Appeal received from the Young Communist League of Yugoslavia (SKOJ).

Appeal to progressive forces worldwide: let’s stop the big capital puppet regime exterminate communism in Serbia!

With capitalism on the brink of global collapse and with people in Serbia rising their voice against the capitalist system, the Serbia’s puppet regime with its dirty campaign of lies and deceit is poised to seize the offices the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) uses since 1991 and regularly pays for.

As the owner of the building in Nemanina 34 where on the third floor NKPJ has its offices, the bourgeois government, with the help of the media, such as the daily newspaper Press controled by the pro-imperialistic Democratic Party, wants the communists thrown out on the streets. They are not offering us any relocation to some new premisis.

The reason for removing the NKPJ out of the premises where they are legal residents for the last 18 years is the desire of the regime to destroy the leading factor of the national workers movement. The capitalists know very well that the NKPJ is integral part of the struggle against the pro-imperialistic and neo-globalistic policy.

Let it be known that the League of Yugoslavia Communist Youth (SKOJ) shall fight back! As on the October 5th 2000 counter-revolutionary coup, we shall be defending with our bare hands our rooms from all enemies, whatsoever!

SKOJ shall keep you informed about this new attack against our party.

We invite all progressive organizations and people in Serbia to support our struggle and help NKPJ !

Bourgeois hands off of the NKPJ!

Please send protest by email on predsednikvladesrbije@srbija.sr.gov.yu or fax 00381113617471

Secretariat of the SKOJ
Belgrade, December 30, 2008.