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Honduras disaster – made in the USA

From the International Report delivered to the CPGB-ML’s central committee on 4 February

The New York Times of 26 January said that “It’s time to acknowledge the foreign policy disaster that American support for the Porfirio Lobo administration in Honduras has become. Ever since the 28 June 2009 coup that deposed Honduras’s democratically elected president, José Manuel Zelaya, the country has been descending deeper into a human rights and security abyss. That abyss is in good part the State Department’s making.” (‘In Honduras, a mess made in the US’ by Dana Frank)

Under the aegis of US-managed elections, an imperialist puppet, Porfirio Lobo, became president in 2009, since when the country has gained the dubious reputation of being the murder capital of the world, rife with gang warfare and drug trafficking, corruption, police death squads, and suchlike trademarks of democracy made in the USA.